Final Battle

Only true fans of Ninjago warriors can complete online game Final Battle, those fans, which learn of specialties of combat skills of every hero. You will have to fight fiercely a lot, and only the most tenacious ones can win the final combat. The final ...

Final Battle

Viper Smash

This is sequel of entertaining Ninjago fighting against the skeletons – interesting online game Viper Smash. As in the previous game, heroes of this part must destroy their archenemies – Lord Garmadon's Army – on the arena. At the first stage ...

Viper Smash

Energy Spear 2

Second round of popular online game with Ninjago Energy Spear differ a little from the first part. In new battles of game Energy Spear 2 mysterious Samurai X is added to four familiar heroes, and system of additional spinning of spinner is little different....

Energy Spear 2

Snake Invasion

Original Spinjitzu Spinball Snake Invasion game is the game for those players, which like multilevel arcades with difficult passing. Ninjago squad has a goal of freeing territory of ancient temple from snake warriors, which have their possessions there....

Snake Invasion


Simple and unpretentious online game Spinjitzu will be the favorite of those LEGO warriors fans, which like competitive games for results. To take part in training marathon Ninjago and to try to get maximum number of points – that is exactly what this ...



Story of unusual toy Ninjago warriors would not be so exciting and interesting without dynamic and beautiful music. This themes support and improve unrepeatable atmosphere of LEGO warriors’ world; it can warn you about by alarming or victorious sounds about future events.

Some online games with Ninjago borrowed music and song from popular and favorite animation series, however, some campaigns and missions surprise by new interesting theme melodies by band The Fold. In the world of animation series and games Ninjago there is always place for various music: energetic and cheerful – for training and competitions, - alarming and excited – before important battles and dangerous trials, - sad and lyric – after defeats or loss of friends, - as well as funny and careless – during rest and entertainment, – Ninjago also like to spend time with class.

Weekend Whip (Ninjago main theme)

21st Century Ninja

After The Blackout


Born to be a Ninja

Enter the Tournament

Eye of the Storm

Full Digital

Ghost Whip


Ninja Roll

Rebooted 2014

Spinning Out in Color

Thinking About Yourself

We Are Ninja

Zane's Death