Dragon Battle

Real Ninjago can fight the enemies in any conditions: foot to foot and using spinners, going down to mountain chains and riding on dragons’ back. Players of dynamic online shooter Dragon Battle will fight to numerous enemies exactly on the majestic ...

Dragon Battle


Brave warriors and heroes of games Masters of Spinjitzu can not only shake their fists and defeat enemies legions. Using their agility and skills, they gladly play, collecting all possible treasures in arduous places. Go to dangerous and entertaining ...



One of the main enemies of brave ninja warriors from LEGO constructor kit are adders. Heroes of Snakes game will have to roam through their underworld residence, and fight with their henchmen to the death. To clean underworld cave from the power of ...


Morro Cave

Training of LEGO ninja is no business for weak-spirited, because they perform breathtaking jumps over the steep with no safety wire. In online game Morro's Cave any player can undergo transformation to favorite Ninjago and show his agility and jumping ...

Morro Cave

Ice Dragon Attack

Hard battle with icy dragon and his minions waits for Ninjago in spectacular online game Ice Dragon Attack. Player with LEGO constructor kit warrior will fight to great army of skeletons and with their winged leader. Battle will go on in the following ...

Ice Dragon Attack


Story of unusual toy Ninjago warriors would not be so exciting and interesting without dynamic and beautiful music. This themes support and improve unrepeatable atmosphere of LEGO warriors’ world; it can warn you about by alarming or victorious sounds about future events.

Some online games with Ninjago borrowed music and song from popular and favorite animation series, however, some campaigns and missions surprise by new interesting theme melodies by band The Fold. In the world of animation series and games Ninjago there is always place for various music: energetic and cheerful – for training and competitions, - alarming and excited – before important battles and dangerous trials, - sad and lyric – after defeats or loss of friends, - as well as funny and careless – during rest and entertainment, – Ninjago also like to spend time with class.

Weekend Whip (Ninjago main theme)

21st Century Ninja

After The Blackout


Born to be a Ninja

Enter the Tournament

Eye of the Storm

Full Digital

Ghost Whip


Ninja Roll

Rebooted 2014

Spinning Out in Color

Thinking About Yourself

We Are Ninja

Zane's Death